Back To Basics!

The Building Blocks of Compliance 

Sarah Borders with NFP breaks down the basic building blocks of compliance such as:

ERISA COBRA, FMLA, Empoyer Reporting and much more!

efg&m, L.P.

2nd Quarter Luncheon - Invite and Details Coming Soon


Do It Well Q2 -2017


In This Issue:

* Eat Right When Money's Tight

* Five Surprising Facts About High Blood Pressure

* Facts on Nutrition and Lead   Exposure

* Conscientious Cuisine


* Get Going: Standing Biceps Curl

In This Issue: * Flextime as a Solution to Enhance Employee Satisfaction *Allowable Plan Expenses: Can the Plan Pay? *How to Minimize the Impact of FSA Carryovers on HSA Eligibility 

efg&m 2017 Q1 ~ Quarterly Luncheon


Details coming soon.