In This Issue:

  • HR Legislative Updates Impacting Companies in 2016
  • Pass or Fail? Corrective Actions to Remedy Current Test Results
  • It's All About the Data-The First Year of ACA IRS Reporting
  • Compliance FAQ

 In This Issue:

  • Make Physical activity a regular part of the day.
  • Physical activity is important for everyone, but how much you need depends on your age.
  • Q&A: I'm a walker, but also want to start doing other activities. Do I need a different shoe for each type of Activity?
  • Conscientious Cuisine: Lime Pork Tenderloin
  • Get Going: Low-Belly Leg Reach

Prescription drug costs are the fastest growing aspect of health care spending. The actuaries at the major carriers predict that prescription drug costs will account for 40% of overall health care costs in the US by 2020. New specialty drugs are a big driver of cost. For example, new drugs for Hepatitis C cost $70k to $100k. As insurance carriers and pharmacy benefit managers struggle to rein in costs, they are having to make changes to their formularies that can impact your wallet as a consumer.